Human Factors



Human error is often quoted as the ‘source’ of many accidents. Whilst acknowledging that human error often triggers incidents, we emphasise that these human errors do not occur in isolation.  They are influenced by external (organisational or environmental) factors. Rather than focusing on blaming the individual that made the error, our approach concentrates on the logical analyses of these ‘error inducing’ systemic influences. We believe that minimising human error is far more effectively achieved by controlling the conditions humans work under.
We investigate the adverse organisational and environmental influences on human behaviour. With this approach the underlying causes of an incident can be identified, enabling effective remedial measures to be taken.

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Incident investigation services are available 24/7 from multiple locations for immediate response and evidence collection. We can also be included as part of your Duty Schedule for incident investigation, in which case we will provide contact details on a weekly basis.

Our process

Our team has an extensive understanding of human factors. This expertise is a key-factor for learning from incidents.