Safety measures



Developing safety measures

Based on our many years of experience, our team can define measures for improvement at the organisational, technical and human levels. We use evidence-based methods and expertise from real world successes as well as the behavioural sciences to enable safe and successful performance.
Recommendations for the prevention of future incidents are based on the output of the incident investigation. Actions formulated based on the recommendations should preferably be specific, measurable, attainable and relevant. Part of the process involves prioritising and selecting those options that are expected to be most effective. The result is a realistic, no-nonsense action plan, based on a solid understanding of the (underlying) causes and their remediation.

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Incident investigation services are available 24/7 from multiple locations for immediate response and evidence collection. We can also be included as part of your Duty Schedule for incident investigation, in which case we will provide contact details on a weekly basis.


We can also provide support with implementation. The following are several critical factors for success:

  • The people responsible for the measures, and those supposed to contribute to them, should be informed and take ownership of them.
  • Resources (time, money and human and technological capabilities) may be vital for correctly putting the measures in place.
  • It is important that the action plan and its objectives are communicated throughout the organisation, especially to demonstrate a willingness to improve safety and to share the lessons learned from the investigation and planning process.