We provide independent investigation and analysis services using experts well versed in major accident techniques (such as Tripod, BFA and SIRE) and with a deep understanding of human performance issues.

Our role

Incident investigation support can be provided at various levels:

  • Full investigation: investigations led by LFI24 covering all aspects of the process, from initial evidence collection to formal reporting.
  • Principal Investigators: Provision of expert investigators to provide executives and support to research owners.
  • Expert researchers: provision of expert research services to support research.
  • Research support: services related to supporting one or more steps / phases of the process.
  • Coaching: coaching on the job / on-demand support (on-site, via email or telephone).
  • Peer reviewer: four-eyes principle / quality control on (concept) analyses and / or reports.

Investigation team

The team should be carefully selected based on the nature of the event. Ideally, an investigation should be conducted by someone or a group of people with:

  • Expertise in research techniques;
  • Expertise of all legal or organizational requirements;
  • A good understanding of the work processes, procedures, persons and labor relations for the specific situation;
  • Mastery of interview and interpersonal techniques and being able to apply them effectively (such as mediation or conflict resolution);
  • Experience with requirements for document collection, records and data collection;
  • Expertise in data analysis to be able to make conclusions and recommendations based on the collected data.

The result

The result is a research report with the following items:

  • A management summary with conclusions and recommendations;
  • A description of the incident;
  • An explanation of the supplied analysis tool;
  • A detailed analysis of the incident;
  • The underlying causes;
  • Advice for improvements.
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